Helen H Kim
Curriculum Vitae

The nature of dualities is the crux of my interdisciplinary art practice. Born in Seoul and raised in Los Angeles, my Korean American experience has always necessitated the navigation of multiple identities and communities, as well as the murkier non-places between them. For example, as a woman of color without a color (at least officially), I reside in a racial non-place between black and white that is presented as largely irrelevant in major political, social, and cultural discourses. My work brings such non-places to the forefront, examining the tension and blurred lines between outsider and insider, perception and reality, memory and history.

Using photography, text, and interactive performance to both clarify and obscure dualities within cultural and social constructs, I traverse these non-place borderlands in order to arrive at unavoidable, visceral empathy with the Other. Central to this work is its accessibility to those who may find traditional art frameworks alienating or intimidating. Bypassing common signifiers of an art experience in favor of a dinner party or a walking tour, I examine personal and public spaces and the performative element that exists in both. Presenting a map or a series of abstract city soundscapes as narrative structure, I invite participants to rely on instinctual rather than intellectual resonance to create an emotional connection.